Classic Car Show (Limit 1)


Sponsorship benefits:

  1. Naming the event: (Your Company Name) Classic Car Show
  2. First right to claim this event in 2021
  3. (Your Company) Classic Car Show will be promoted to several thousand car clubs & individual classic car owners as we solicit their participation in our car show.
  4. (Your Company) Classic Car Show is promoted in Air Show PA announcements
  5. Complimentary 6’ banner with (Your Company) Name & Logo
  6. Marketing (Your Company) Moses Lake Airshow campaigns before/during/after the event:
    • Custom Video for social media, weekly posts starting 3 months out
    • Tier one logo recognition on website
    • Included in main radio, newspaper, event signage and official Airshow program.
  7. 2 Complementary adult admissions for each (Company) Store in Washington State upon request.
    • Each admission includes complimentary VIP seats 
    • May be used as each store manager sees fit
  8. Complimentary 10' x 10' exhibit space on the Air Show flight line next to Auto Show.
    • Includes 2 booth staff passes
    • You may donate this exhibit space to a local charity/non-profit of your choice.  
  9. (Your Company) representative to hand out trophies & awards on the Main Airshow Stage during the 2nd day of the Airshow.


The Moses Lake Airshow organizers will provide:

  1. Three Trophies engraved with (Your Company Name) for car show winners
  2. Complementary 6’ banner with (Your Company) Name & Logo
  3. Volunteers to staff/manage the (Your Company) Classic Car Show
  4. 110-volt power where appropriate
  5. Access to water & restrooms
  6. Garbage cans with regular pickup & disposal


Classic Car Sponsorship




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