Benefits: (Your Company Name) Presents "Vicky Benzing" Top female stunt pilot in North America appears in all media and marketing for before/during/after Moses Lake Airshow.


1. Media Coverage:

a) Name or audio recognition in all paid and media partner promotional advertising from media partners where Vicky Benzing is mentioned = $5,000 value.  

i) Columbia Basin Herald Newspaper – Logo ID in display advertising + (Sponsor) identified as a presenting sponsor for Vicky Benzing in all op-ed articles. ($1,000 value)

ii) Radio – Audio recognition in spots as presenting sponsor Vicky Benzing on 4 regional stations 4 weeks prior to the event. ($2,000 value)

b) Participation with Vicky Benzing in Press Conference & Media Preview Day June 18

c) Vicky Benzing presenting Sponsor Status in all press kits and general news releases


2. Social Media:

i) Weekly posts starting 3 months prior to airshow

ii) Custom video produced for social media ($1,500 value)

iii) Tier one logo recognition on website & online ads


3. On-Site Exposure

a) Logo recognition on Welcome Banner placed at the Moses Lake Air Show’s main entrance.

b) (2) Complementary 6’ banners with (Your Company) Name & Logo. ($1,000 value)

i) (1) hung on fence inside of VIP Seating area

ii) (1)  hung along attendee walkway - position at discretion of Airshow Organizer

c) 12’ x 12’ Exhibit Space on the flight line ($600 value)

i) (2) booth staff passes

ii) You may donate this exhibit space to a local charity/non-profit of your choice.  (Charitable deduction value $600)

d)  PA announcements each time Vicky Benzing is mentioned during the airshow.


4. Official Program: circulation of 10,000 copies distributed to spectators.

a) Name and logo recognition in the Moses Lake official Spectator Guide as Vicky Benzing presenting sponsor.

b) Presenting Sponsor logo position on interior sponsor recognition “marquee”.

c) Quarter page color display ad in the Moses Lake Official Spectator Guide. 

i)  Ad copy & layout to be provided by Sponsor before May 15, 2020. ($1,200 value)


5. First rights: First right to claim any performer sponsorship for 2021


6. Air Show Tickets

a) (4) Complementary adult admissions ($100 value)

b) (4) Complementary VIP Suite Seats ($320value

i) Includes lunch & drinks


7. VIP Party: (4) Tickets June 18 if it happens ($300 value)

Vicky Benzing Sponsorship




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