VIP Suite Seating (Limit 1)

Sponsor Commitment $17,000


The VIP Suites abut to the VIP Seating & The Beer Garden / Wine Bar. With the main stage directly in front they form the central complex where people view the airshow. This is prime real estate for any sponsor wanting maximum exposure.



  1. Naming the area: (Your Company Name) VIP Suite Seating
  2. (Your Company Name) will appear in all media and marketing before/during/after Moses Lake Airshow... wherever the Flight Line Suite Seating is promoted:
    • Newspaper, Radio, event signage and official Moses Lake Airshow program
    • Official Moses Lake Airshow Webpage
    • PA announcements hourly during each day of the airshow.
    • Social Media:
      • Custom video produced for social media
      • Weekly posts starting 3 months prior to airshow
      • Tier one logo recognition on website & online ads
  3. Two 6’ custom banners on fencing around VIP Suite Seating area – Graphics provided by sponsor
  4. (24) General admission tickets
  5. (20) VIP seats
  6. Four VIP Suite Seats
    • Includes Lunch & drinks
  7. Onsite description signage + Company Logo
  8. 12’ x 12’ Exhibit Space
    • 2 passes for booth staff
    • You may donate this exhibit space to a local charity/non-profit of your choice.  Charitable deduction value $600
  9. First right to claim this event in 2021


Moses Lake Airshow organizers will provide:

  1. Staffing & management of Flight Line Seating area throughout the day
  2.  50 Umbrella tables with 6 seats
  3. 10 Umbrella tables with 8 seats
  4. Complimentary Lunch for all guests
  5. 2 complimentary beer/wine per guest – additional drinks may be purchased
  6. 10’ x 30’ Awning for shade over food
  7. Colored wrist bands to allow in/out guest access



VIP Suite Seating




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