VIP Suite Seating


VIP Suite Seating (Limit 1)

Sponsor Commitment $17,000



  1. Naming the area: (Your Company Name) VIP Suite Seating
  2. (Your Company Name) will appear in all media and marketing before/during/after Moses Lake Airshow... wherever the Flight Line Suite Seating is promoted:
    • Newspaper, Radio, event signage and official Moses Lake Airshow program
    • Official Moses Lake Airshow Webpage
    • PA announcements hourly during each day of the airshow.
    • Social Media:
      • Custom video produced for social media
      • Weekly posts starting 3 months prior to airshow
      • Tier one logo recognition on website & online ads
  3. Two 6’ custom banners on fencing around VIP Suite Seating area – Graphics provided by sponsor
  4. (24) General admission tickets
  5. (20) VIP seats
  6. Four VIP Suite Seats
    • Includes Lunch & drinks
  7. Onsite description signage + Company Logo
  8. 12’ x 12’ Exhibit Space
    • 2 passes for booth staff
    • You may donate this exhibit space to a local charity/non-profit of your choice.  Charitable deduction value $600
  9. First right to claim this event in 2021


Moses Lake Airshow organizers will provide:

  1. Staffing & management of Flight Line Seating area throughout the day
  2.  50 Umbrella tables with 6 seats
  3. 10 Umbrella tables with 8 seats
  4. Complimentary Lunch for all guests
  5. 2 complimentary beer/wine per guest – additional drinks may be purchased
  6. 10’ x 30’ Awning for shade over food
  7. Colored wrist bands to allow in/out guest access