Airshow Wine Bar (Limit 1)


The Beer Garden & Wine Bar share space which abuts to the VIP Seating & the VIP Suites. With the main stage directly in front, they form the central complex where people view the airshow. This is prime real estate for any sponsor wanting maximum exposure.


Sponsor commitment:

  1. Provide all coolers and/or tubs & ice, cups, coasters, napkins & misc. bar supplies.
  2. Donate ample wine to service expected crowd size during wine bar hours. In addition, a pre-negotiated price per case must be agreed to in the event of excess wine sales.
    • June 18 - VIP Party - 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM (tentative)
    • June 19 - 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    • June 20 - 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  3. Donate all wine bar revenue to the Visit Washington non-profit. 


Sponsorship benefits include:

  1. Naming the event: (Your Company) Airshow Wine Bar
  2. First right to claim this event in 2021
  3. Your wine will be the exclusive brand sold in the wine bar
  4. (Your Company) Wine Bar is promoted hourly in Airshow PA announcements
  5. Complimentary 6’ banner with (Your Company) Name & Logo
  6.  Marketing (Your Company) Moses Lake Airshow campaigns before/during/after the event:
    • Custom Video for social media, weekly posts starting 3 months out
    • Tier one logo recognition on website
    • Included in main radio, newspaper, event signage and official Airshow program.
  7. 2 Complimentary airshow passes daily
  8. 2 complimentary VIP suite seats daily
    • Includes lunch & drinks


The Moses Lake Airshow organizers will provide:

  1.  Volunteers to staff the wine bar
  2. 6’ banner with (Your Company) Name & Logo hung in Wine Bar
  3. Permits, fencing & barricades as required by Washington Liquor Control
  4. 110-volt power & refrigerated storage as appropriate
  5. Tables & Chairs
  6. Access to water & restrooms
  7. Garbage cans with regular pickup & disposal



Wine Bar Sponsorship



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