Please Note:

1. The Moses Lake Airshow only provides space for your exhibit. You must provide your own
tents/canopies, tables chairs.


a. For the safety of everyone, please bring weights and tie-downs for your
tents/canopies, tables, and signage. June sunshine and wind at the airport can be


2. If you are selling anything, you must obtain a Grant County Peddlers/Solicitors/Hawkers

3. If you are selling/sampling food, you must obtain the proper Grant County health permits
for the products you are offering to the public


4. If you are selling anything or sampling food, you must provide copies of your Grant County
permits before you will be allowed to access the airfield for setup.

Single Exhibitor Registration Form ($300)


12 x 12 Exhibit Space Inside Airshow Perimeter

Thanks for your order!